Sunday, December 2, 2012

Water and Wishes: The Springsweet

The Springsweet by Saundra Mitchell
Harcourt, 2012

As a participant in this year's Series Catch-Up Challenge hosted by The Book Addict's Guide, I'm excited to post my first review of my selections for this endeavor!

In The Springsweet, Saundra Mitchell takes readers from the exciting city life of Baltimore to the wide open spaces of the Oklahoma Territory. While many might consider this novel to be more of a companion to its predecessor The Vespertine, I'd disagree. Zora, the protagonist of this story, is a secondary character in the previous book and without having read that, I would not have understood what exactly drove her west in this novel. Therefore, if you haven't read The Vespertine, stop reading this post now because some spoilers are about to happen.

Series Catch-Up
Zora is seventeen and has suffered more loss in the last year than she has in her entire life. First her beloved Thomas, her fiance, dies and shortly afterward she gets word that so has her best friend and cousin, Amelia. Miserable in Baltimore, she moves to the tiny frontier town of West Glory to help her young widowed aunt. But leaving the past behind isn't so simple, especially when handsome Theo de la Croix has followed her west with the hopes of finally courting her after longing for her from afar. He'd be a proper match, but there's also Emerson Birch, a young farmer who may be a bit rougher around the edges with deep secrets, but has completely captivated Zora. As her suspicions and feelings for Emerson grow, she discovers a unique talent of her own: the ability to sense water underground, an incredible talent especially in these unforgiving lands.

Mitchell does a great job weaving together a well feeling story that's interesting to follow in this series that's a great blending of historical and slightly paranormal fiction. I must admit that I had a harder time getting into the first book in this series, understanding these people with elemental abilities and how exactly they worked. However, since I already came into this book with an understanding, I felt like the story got off to a better start. My biggest criticism, though, is that the ending felt a bit rushed. Mitchell has a beautiful build up to the characters and their environment, and while I know not all loose ends can be tied up because the sequel is due out next year, the ending was very abrupt in my eyes. This was a very fast read, finishing it in only a few days, and I wish I'd gotten around to reading it sooner.

If you're looking for historical fiction with a dash of the supernatural that's also a quick read, check out The Vespertine series. Comments welcome, and, as always, happy reading!

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  1. Oooh that sounds really interesting. I'll have to check out The Vespertine!

    1. Not going to lie, The Vespertine took a little while for me to wrap my head around, but if you hang in there it's an interesting read! Thanks for the comments =)