Saturday, February 21, 2015

Short Story Saturday: Defy the Dark, The Sunflower Murders

Welcome to Short Story Saturday! Each week, I'll talk about a different story from the collection I'm working my way through and offer up some thoughts. I'm currently reading Defy the Dark.

Story: The Sunflower Murders
Author: Kate Espey
Summary: Carmen recalls the events of the night her best friend was murdered in a sunflower field.
Thoughts: This one is a little challenging for me to review because I don't quite know what I think about it. I liked the voice and style of writing, but plot wise I'm less sure of my opinion. The story kicks off right away with readers knowing how it will end, so as Carmen looks back at the night I knew that there was no chance of it ending well. As a result, there was a lack of suspense. Since this was the winner of a contest the publisher sponsored and the author of this story was in high school at the time, I'll say that I think Ms. Espey has a lot of potential and I'll keep an eye out for her name in the future.

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