Saturday, June 28, 2014

Short Story Saturday: Starry-Eyed, Talent

Welcome to Short Story Saturday! Each week, I'll talk about a different story from the collection I'm working my way through and offer up some thoughts. I'm currently reading Starry-Eyed: 16 Stories that Steal the Spotlight.

Story: Talent
Author: Claudia Gray
Summary: Landon sometimes uses his strange ability to control other people's emotions to his advantage as an actor, but is afraid of ever kissing another guy (especially the totally straight Jesse) and accidentally forcing someone to like him when they really don't.
Thoughts: One of my favorite genres is magical realism, and in this story Claudia Gray uses it masterfully! I wasn't expecting this element to Landon, but seeing how much he clearly thinks about his talent and how it effects others. The pacing was amazing, especially between him and Jesse, and there were a lot of amazing, complex emotions in this piece. I loved this one!

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