Saturday, June 14, 2014

Short Story Saturday: Starry-Eyed, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Welcome to Short Story Saturday! Each week, I'll talk about a different story from the collection I'm working my way through and offer up some thoughts. I'm currently reading Starry-Eyed: 16 Stories that Steal the Spotlight.

Story: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?
Author: Marc Acito
Summary: Fourteen year old Gale and 9 year old Sterling are determined to make their Jewish summer camp's production of The Sound of Music a success in 1969, and Gale finds a love she wasn't expecting.
Thoughts: This was a very sweet friendship story about two people mature and wise beyond their years (in some ways more than others), showing how love stories aren't always about romantic love, but about finding someone who cares about you and understands you in a way no one else does. The story was appropriately campy, especially given the setting, and heartwarming. All in all, cute.

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