Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Armchair BEA 2014: Day 3 - Expanding Blogging Horizons & Novellas/Short Stories

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And here we are at Day 3 of Armchair BEA!

Expanding Blogging Horizons

Okay guys, here's the truth. My blogging horizons are very small. Much like this blog. I've been at this for about three years now (I think?) and very little has changed about this little corner of the internet. I've had the same design the whole time. I try out different memes and features. I always post my reviews on Sundays. And that works for me. I will say that the blogging world has opened me up to other kinds of social media (I love Twitter and Tumblr to connect with other book people) and the biggest jump was to YouTube where I upload video book reviews (though not as often as I used to - I'm not going to take the time to film, edit, and upload if I didn't love a book). I also have other book aspirations. I've written multiple YA manuscripts and have been on the agent hunt for a few years, plus I run another blog which leads perfectly into...

Novellas/Short Stories

I love short stories so much that I run another blog with my critique partner. Called Stories by SaM, we take turns giving each other prompts and we each post a story once a month. It's been a great place to try ideas out and branch out of my comfort zone. Plus I have a feature here on the blog called Short Story Saturday where every week I've been posting mini-reviews of stories in whatever short story anthology I am/was reading. Collections I've mostly enjoyed include Geektastic and Foretold, and I absolutely cannot wait for My True Love Gave to Me this winter!

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