Sunday, December 1, 2013

Choose Your Fate: Champion

Champion by Marie Lu (Legend #3)
Putnam, 2013

Since this review is about the final book in a series, there may be some spoilers for books 1 and 2 ahead - you have been warned!

It is this reader's opinion that readers who have stuck with June and Day through their many highs and lows in Legend and Prodigy will not be disappointed with this dystopian trilogy's conclusion in Champion.

It looks like peace between the Republic and the Colonies could actually be within reach, but when a plague outbreak hits the Colonies, a revival of an old war seems inevitable. It may be up to the Republic's darlings June and Day to save them all, but it would mean sacrificing even more to a country that has robbed them of so much. Can June unlock the key to her country's defense? Can Day keep what remains of his life safe? Or will the costs for each of them be too high?

When I read Prodigy last year, I complained that I didn't quite understand how all of the pieces of this future society fit together. I was incredibly confused about how the Patriots fit into the picture and what exactly all the fighting was about. It wasn't until I read Champion that I realized the error was my own - I simply read Prodigy too quickly because when I took my time with this final installment, things made much more sense. The Republic and the Colonies were how the US split in two. The Patriots don't have a particular allegiance to either one: their goal is to try to reunite the United States. Realizing that made things so much easier.

This book continues with everything that has made the Legend series so popular before: dynamic dual points of view, plenty of action scenes, some political intrigue and strategizing, swoon-worthy sequences that will pull at your heartstrings and punch you in the gut. All in all, I was so completely satisfied with the conclusion of this series as a reader. Lu makes some bold moves here and I appreciated how they fit in to the conclusion. I wouldn't have made some of these choices myself, but for this story, it worked.

If you've liked the Legend series so far, don't wait to get your hands on this fantastic finale.

Comments welcome, and, as always, happy reading!

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