Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Words: Diaries and Dreams

Hello readers and welcome to a slightly late edition of Wednesday Words! I really don't have much to write today except for a shameless plug for myself and Lisa Burstein. You may know her as the author of Pretty Amy, but as of yesterday you can officially add Dear Cassie, an epistolary novel about a girl in rehab, to that list. Since yesterday was a snow day for the district I work for, I was lucky enough to get to curl up and spend the entire day reading her sophomore novel and let me tell you, it's outstanding.

And trust me, I'm not just saying that because within Dear Cassie's covers are some words of my own. A while back, I mentioned that I won a short story contest, and this was the novel that my entry was published in. I'm honored that my words appear in here, and I can't thank Lisa and everyone at Entangled Publishing for helping my dreams come true. Now I finally have a credit to my name, and hopefully my own manuscripts will find homes soon enough.

But in the meantime, here on The Fuma Files I'll go back to keeping it about other people's books (mostly <3 ). I'm sure I'll be writing a review of Cassie in due course (because yes, I can objectively do that - librarians are trained that way) and reading rambling about as many books by other amazing writers as I can. My reading love helps fuel my own writing dreams. I just had to give another shout out to Lisa and Entangled and everyone who made yesterday possible - I had a blast, got a little taste, and can't wait for more.

And on that note, here's a video of me being excited =)

 Comments welcome, and, as always, happy reading!