Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Words: A Thank You Note

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving here in America, many are amping up for days filled with turkey, football, family, and friends. But there's more than that when it comes to this holiday, just look at the name. It's the perfect time to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

I have a very long and personal list of the many things in my life for which I am grateful, but since this is a book blog, I shall keep my topics here confined to the area of literature. It's still so incredible to me that I only came to know the world of YA in spring 2011 . But in my almost two years, I've been exposed to authors and words, characters and situations that have taken me on emotional roller coasters. I've met bloggers who share my enthusiasm, authors who inspire me, and fellow writers who I can root for and they can root for me as we try to accomplish that crazy goal of getting published. It's a lot, but it's filled with love, and I'm grateful for my part in it, however small a cog I am in the grand scheme of things.

So this year, this blog post is a thank you note to you readers. Thanks for sticking with me, for your patience, and for your comments. And thank you for sharing yourselves in this crazy little world that is the Internet as well! I'm so lucky to have found this, and while books have always brought me solace, now they also bring me connections beyond just those of imagined communities.

I also plan to send out thank you notes to a few of the authors who have particularly influenced me in the last few years. Some I've met and some I haven't, but all have changed parts of me in ways that my words will probably fail to express, especially compared to the extraordinary powers they possess over language. I'm not usually one to send fan-mail, but to me thank you notes are so much more than that. I can hardly ask for comments here and not send my own kind words and thoughts back into the universe as well. Wouldn't want to upset cosmic balances or anything like that.

So those are my Wednesday Words and my Thanksgiving Thoughts. May you all have a happy and safe holiday!


  1. Aw. Great post. Happy belated Thanksgiving. You run a great blog and your passion for words really shines through.

    1. Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays to you, too!