Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA - Day 4: Beyond the Blog

Today's post according to the schedule made up by those who came up with the Armchair BEA schedule this year is supposed to be about how we bloggers move beyond the blog. In the spirit of sharing tips and experiences, the task is to tell the group how they have managed to write for other organizations (maybe like a local newspaper) or even been able to turn their blog into something they make a profit on.

Unfortunately since I am so new to the blogosphere, I have no such sage advice to give. One thing I can express some opinions on is learning to embrace other mediums for blogging besides text. Book bloggers love the power of words - it's why we read - so it's no surprise that many of us like to write about these books that have captivated us. I must admit that I haven't thought a whole lot about seriously branching out too far and adding too many features I have to maintain here because I do harbor my own dreams of being an author, so I need to have time for my own story writing as well. However, it's okay to try something different, too. Maybe it's just the certified teacher in me, but there are many different kinds of learning styles, so why not come at blogging from a different angle every now and again too?

A fan of book trailers myself, I have found them to be effective in the school library I work in to get struggling reaers more enthusiastic about reading. They like the audio-visual representation of the story and it gets them interested in what lies on the pages. This is one of the reasons I recently decided to start posting content to my YouTube channel, much of it I plan on being book related. In my new video series Where's Your Bookmark?, I tell viewers some brief thoughts on the book I'm reading at the moment because otherwise my thoughts don't get shared until my review (if I choose to write one) is posted, and sometimes that can be months later. I'm very, very new to video making and editing and I have much to learn, but it's been one way I've branched out from the more traditional blogging world and I think it could end up being a pretty good thing.

I encourage you to please check out my channel and leave comments - I'm always hoping to get feedback and constructive criticism!

That's it from me for Day 4 of Armchair BEA. Take care, and happy reading!


  1. Hi,Thank you for sharing :)
    I am also new to blogging and book reviews so i didn't know whether to do this post myself because i cannot add anything. However, i could just have a little chat. At least you do youtube videos and that's getting out there a bit more from blogging. I am too shy to do that! I will check out your channel because i love watching youtube.
    Good luck with your future plans as an author :)

    1. Hey Beckie! I just figure that with all of this, especially since I'm new to it all, it can't hurt to just try new things. The worst that can happen is that no one reads it or watches it or whatever, so you can learn from that and move on to the next thing.
      Happy blogging!