Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Words: Too Much Talk?

So in case you've been living under a rock for the last few years, or at least months, the newest YA book series-turned-film phenomenon is upon us with Suzanne Collins' epic story, The Hunger Games. On book shelves around the world since 2008, the film adaptation of the journey of a teenage girl who becomes a contestant in a televised fight to the death (literally) will be hitting the silver screen nationwide on Friday.

It's easy to understand the comparisons that are being made to Harry Potter and Twilight in terms of the phenomenon we're currently witnessing - everywhere you turn there are magazines, posters, merchandise, teeshirts, news articles, and of course, the books are still around and being devoured by readers young and old.

But is it all just a little too much?

I know some of you are probably crying out, "Blasphemy! She must be an evil citizen of the Capitol! Throw her into the arena!" but please hear me out.

Now don't get me wrong, I am VERY excited for this movie. I re-read the whole series in recent weeks. I did sport my Mockinjay pin to my last meeting at library school and to work the last few days. I even got my Panem citizen ID card (according to which I am a warehouse manager in District 8). I am PUMPED for this movie, and I am especially excited because unlike so many other film adaptations, the series author was actually involved in writing the movie script. But it's like how they tell you that too much sugar will rot your teeth, or that if you gorge on something, you'll hate it in the future. Are we going to get sick of seeing the beloved Mockingjay symbol everywhere? And I'll admit that after hearing some of the stories that the Potter, Twilight, and now Hunger Games actors have shared about some of the truly crazy fans they've had to deal with (like the ones Josh Hutcherson said drove from Chicago to his family home in Kentucky, head to toe in clothes with his face on them, and creeped on his Christmas), do people take it too far?

Just some food for thought. I'd love to hear any comments you all have and as always, happy reading!


  1. They went to his house? That is a bit too much. And I do think The Hunger Games will be like Harry Potter and Twilight and that we will see it everywhere. To be honest, I actually have not read The Hunger Games. I maybe the only person in the book world to have not read them yet but I don't know. I just haven't gotten around to them yet.

    I do know all about them and the characters and movie because of goodreads/book blogging/tumblr but I don't have THG fever. I will probably see the movie because I like the cast and out of curiosity. If I end up really liking the movie, I will probably check out the books soon after :)

    1. When I heard the story about going to his house, my jaw just dropped. It's an interesting situation to me, to be sure. As someone who grew up in the Harry Potter years, I love that people today still have this huge love for a book series and I can appreciate the enthusiasm. I'm just curious about what makes these people who go too far think it's okay.

      In other news, I can't recommend the books highly enough! While I just saw the movie and it did a great job capturing the story and staying faithful, I really urge you to read the book first.