Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Words: Project for Awesome & World Book Night

Every year on December 17 and 18, the Project for Awesome takes place on YouTube. People create videos supporting their favorite charities to get the word out, and then viewers can play a hand in spreading these great causes and can even have a voice in which organizations may get a little bit of financial help.

How it works: Watch videos tagged "Project for Awesome", "P4A", or something of that nature. Like and comment on YouTube on the videos you like, and if you have Twitter, tweet about it! For every comment made and every tweet including #p4a, 1 penny will be donated to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck (essentially the giant pot from which funds will be divided). If you REALLY like an organization, go to the Project for Awesome website and vote for that video. The top videos that get the most votes will be the organizations that get the money. Pennies aren't the only way money is donated. An Indigogo campaign is currently happening where people can buy perks, or you can just donate to the Foundation (in the US, it's tax deductable!)

Anyway, my video this year is all about World Book Night, an organization which every year on April 23rd organizes thousands of volunteers to give away half a million books FOR FREE. It's an incredible cause and as someone who got to be a Giver this past April, it means a lot to me. So please, watch my video, vote, RT, share links, Tweet, Tumble, all of the things! As of writing this post, my video has 125 views (which in YouTube is peanuts - "successful" channels get hundreds/thousands of views and considering I have 430 subscribers, that means a lot of people aren't watching). Last year my P4A video got 234 videos (still peanuts), so I'm hoping for at least that many again this year. World Book Night is a fantastic cause, so this is me shamelessly begging for a signal boost. They deserve it.

DFTBA! That's "Don't Forget to be Awesome" for you non-Nerdfighters out there :)

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